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Long Beach Museum of Art Continues Long Relationship with Frank Cummings

December 24, 2013

Sculptors work in bronze, cast in a furnace and pour in great heat. Like Michelangelo, they also work in marble and produce large works that stand for centuries. Or they can work, like Frank E. Cummings III, in one of the most delicate and friable of all materials: wood. Read more ›


Long Beach Museum of Art Goes ‘Risqué’ for New Exhibit

September 18, 2013

When he first saw one of the original paintings for a new show at the Long Beach Museum of Art, artist and exhibit co-curator Jeff McMillan knew the show would easily live up to its name.

Inside the package he received in the mail from well-known Los Angeles painter F. Scott Hess was an 8-by-10-inch oil on canvas called “Preserving the Natural Order.” The piece depicts a female rhinoceros with a pretty bright bow on her tail engaged in a sexual act with a woman in what appears to be a Roman-era arena as a crowd of animals look on. Read more ›


Preview: “Risque {Dirty Little Pictures}” at Long Beach Museum of Art

September 18, 2013

Curated by Nathan Spoor and Jeff McMillan, the new exhibition “Risque {Dirty Little Pictures}” at Long Beach Museum of Art invited a diverse group of 40 artists to have some fun with their naughty side and explore eroticism in their work. Read more ›

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