Baroque Sensibilities: Sherrie Wolf

December 19, 2014,

Baroque Sensibilities: Sherrie Wolf

April 3, 2014 June 15, 2014All Day -

This collection of 28 exquisite works by artist Sherrie Wolf, one of the west coast’s most talented artists, will explore the Baroque period inspired by classic paintings to create original works of art. Wolf’s expertly painted works begin with inspiration from classic works as background and her curated choice of objects set within the paintings foreground.

Spanning from the late 17th century through the 18th century, the Baroque period saw some of the most beautiful paintings in art history. Baroque works often have action or attention within the painting working in disparate ways with action happening outside of the setting. Wolf’s work embraces the original paintings and inspirational images and takes them into her own personal direction. She does this through depth of field, reflections and play of light, palette, and additions of 20th century everyday objects creating a unique setting to give the viewer a fresh look and a chance to revisit historic works in a new light.

The exhibition includes both large scale and more intimate paintings that explore the diverse scope of Wolf's art historical references, the nuanced virtuosity of her still life juxtapositions of fruit, flowers and other objects, and the evolution of her compositional interests. Two major scale self-portraits will add another dimension to the exhibition.

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