Board of Trustees

Mathew Rabin, President Wayne Brander
Donita Joseph, Treasurer Tom Corcoran
Marsha Jeffer, Secretary Don Gibbs
Debbie Autrey Mark Guillen
Tala Baltazar Laura Millman
Oliver Brooks, MD Pam Munzer
Sylvia Hartman Susan Sleep, MD
Roberta Jenkins Donita Van Horik
Ania Sullivan
Barbara Wilde


Advisory Board

Craig Dougherty

Linda McCullough

Josephine Molina

Beverly O’Neill

Chris Steinhauser

Doris Topsy-Elvord

COVID-19 Update: Temporary Closure

The Long Beach Museum of Art, including LBMA Downtown and Claire’s at the Museum are temporarily closed to the public.

The closure is a proactive measure to protect the health of the Museum’s visitors, staff, volunteers, and neighbors in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

We will continue to provide inspiring creative content online, so please continue to stay in touch and follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. LBMA will continue to work with the city of Long Beach to monitor the situation and will notify you immediately of any updates.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Long Beach Museum of Art at the earliest safe opportunity.