Current Exhibitions

Long Beach Museum of Art
2300 E Ocean Blvd.
Brilliant Earth: The Ceramic Sculpture of Tony Marsh
Through March 19, 2023

The Long Beach Museum of Art is pleased to present this landmark survey of the contemporary sculptor and ceramicist, spanning 1972 to present. This exhibition features works from his early series: WaterMarriageFertility and Creation Vessels—through his most recent and ongoing series Crucibles and Cauldron, aptly named after instruments formed with fire. Marsh pays homage to what pottery has always been required—hold, preserve, beautify—but within that context takes aim at the fringe in order to explore the new, with work spurred by curiosity, risk-taking and fearless exploration.

Brilliant Earth is presented by BCM Foundation, Evalyn M. Bauer Foundation, The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation, John Fielder and Donita Van Horik, Dr. Ronald and Sylvia Hartman, William Gillespie Foundation, Anton and Jennifer Segerstrom, Josephine Molina and Heather Rudy, Pam and Dan Munzer, and Bess J. Hodges Foundation.

Creature Comforts by Brent Estabrook
Through February 12, 2023

Best-known for his large-scale depictions of stuffed animals, Brent Estabrook envelops you into his world of plush vignettes—confidants and comforts in an often unfamiliar world. Despite their sewn-in expressions, these companions often take on a persona as dictated by their guardians; and these personas—playful and vulnerable, come alive by way of Estabrook’s deliberate accretion of paint.

Genie Shenk: Ring

Constructed of folded building paper with internal armature, Ring began as a study of spiral motion between concentric circles in 1989. Genie Shenk became interested in the spiral as a means of increment from one circle to another and found this relationship could be defined three-dimensionally with the intersection of two isometric circular forms. As the inner circle diminishes, the outer increases, until a point of equilibrium is reached.

Genie Shenk, Ring, 1990-1999, Tar paper, Gift of the artist  2009.13.a-et

LBMA Downtown
356 E 3rd St.
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