Current Exhibitions

LONG BEACH MUSEUM OF ART – 2300 E Ocean Blvd., 90803
Photo by Jack Muramatsu / Vinyl Pulse
Tristan Eaton: All At Once
July 16 – October 31, 2021

The Long Beach Museum of Art presents Tristan Eaton: All At Once, a 25-year retrospective of the Los Angeles native’s work. Tristan Eaton began pursuing street art as a teenager, painting everything from billboards to dumpsters in the urban landscapes of the cities where he lived—from London to New York City. After growing up on comic books, graffiti and skateboard culture, Eaton designed his first toy for Fisher-Price at the age of 18 and soon became a driving force in the world of Art Toys, designing the Dunny and Munny figures for Kidrobot.

In 2004, Eaton founded Thunderdog Studios, a leader in advertising and commercial-art spheres, with regular commissions from a roster of clients including Nike, Versace, Disney, former President Barack Obama, and Elon Musk and SpaceX. Triston Eaton: All At Once will debut at the Long Beach Museum of Art and showcase 25 years of work by the artist, including street art, illustration, rock poster design and printmaking.

Special appreciation to The Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation, Bess J. Hodges Foundation, Evalyn M. Bauer Foundation, Josephine Molina & Heather Rudy, and BCM Foundation as lead sponsors of All At Once.

William Basinski — DLP 1:1
September 2 – October 3, 2021

In 2001, avant-garde composer and classically trained musician William Basinski began digitizing his archive of shortwave radio static, system delays and found sounds from 20 years prior recorded on analog tape loops. To his surprise, the tapes began to fall apart. Iron oxide particles turned to dust, and the presence of silence edged closer as melodies became obsolete.

On September 11, 2001, Basinski completed the digitization of these tapes and simultaneously watched from the rooftop of his Brooklyn loft as devastation buried Manhattan. Black smoke engulfed the frame of his handheld video camera that recorded the last hour of daylight. In 2002-2003, Basinski released the audio recordings in a four-album series titled The Disintegration Loops.

Presented alongside the footage, DLP 1:1 is an elegy of life and death, and a meditation on time and decay. The 48 minute and 50 second aural and visual installation will play on loop through October 3, 2021. DLP 1:1 is dedicated to those who died as a result of the atrocities of September 11, 2001.

LBMA DOWNTOWN – 356 E 3rd St., 90802
Tristan Eaton: Permanent Collection
July 16 – October 31, 2021

Tristan Eaton showcases a selection of work from the LBMA Permanent Collection, including a floor to ceiling mural made with Nychos during Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape.

Admission is free, no reservation required. See opening hours.