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Studio Artists

Jason Keam is a freelance illustrator and animator with a background in storyboarding, animation and visual effects. Keam is an Alumni of Otis College of Art & Design. His work is very playful, vibrant and lives in many places from canvas to print and film. Keam is active in the Long Beach Arts Community and other local creative campaigns including POW! WOW! Long Beach. Keam’s work has been featured at Whole Foods 365 Market, amongst other notable companies.

STUDIO 340 – Studio hours by appointment

Vivian Shimoyama is a glass fusion artist. Her collection of artwork started with her desire to promote the advancement of women and people of color. Shimoyama designed a glass brooch that is a symbol of breaking barriers, the glass ceiling. The glass ceiling has been known as the invisible barrier that women and people of color bump up against in all walks of life. Her pins have graced the lapels of prominent women in politics, corporations, and governments. Her work, “Breakthru, The Glass Ceiling Pin” has been featured in various publications and is featured in Madame Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s collection and her book – Read My Pins which is coupled by a pin collection that have toured internationally. Shimoyama’s glass ceiling pin has been featured at the Smithsonian, The Clinton Presidential Library, New York Museum of Arts and Design, The Mint Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, and Bowers Museum.

STUDIO 342 –  Studio Hours: Second Saturday of the month, 1 pm – 8 pm; Tuesday – Thursday by appointment

Hely Gonzalez is a Long Beach-based artist whose work spans across paintings, fiber and sculpture. His choice of materials explores innovative methods of visual communication and connecting life to the human experience. Having grown up in a culturally-rich home, Gonzalez’s experiences greatly influence his work and how he examines representations of communication through visual language.

Studio 344 (Shared) Artists: Shay Bredimus, Brendan Sharkey, Hely Gonzalez – Studio hours by appointment

Shay Bredimus is a nationally celebrated tattoo and visual artist known for his signature technique of incorporating tattoo ink and wax crayon on drafting film. Bredimus earned his BFA in 2004 from Emily Carr University and later his MFA at Laguna College of Art & Design. Outside of the studio, Bredimus is a tattoo artist at Outer Limits Tattoo located in Long Beach, CA.

Studio 344 (Shared) Artists: Shay Bredimus, Brendan Sharkey, Hely Gonzalez – Studio hours by appointment

(562) 480-1741

Jeff Ma is visual artist-in-residence of interTrend Communications, an award-winning full-service communication agency based in Long Beach, CA. For over 20 years, Ma has been combining his traditional Chinese art background with modern techniques to craft visually distinctive artworks. Ma received his art education and training from Zhongyang Industrial Art College in Beijing, China. In 1991, he emigrated to the U.S. and continued his passion and endeavor in painting, printing and installation art in Southern California. 10 years later, Ma decided to expand his career in the advertising field. Since joining interTrend in 2001, Ma has worked on various creative campaigns, events and interactive projects for clients, including JCPenney, TOYOTA, and Western Union.

Studio 346 – Studio hours by appointment

Joel Michalski is a woodworker, designer and craftsman inspired by the problem-solving nature of furniture and other objects of use. Prior to woodworking professionally, Michalski was a sea-going officer aboard US oceanographic research vessels and on assignment in Antarctica and the South Pacifica. After ten years of service, Michalski enrolled in graduate school where he obtained a PhD in economics and as a result, worked in India to improve the income of a small group of farmers. Throughout this varied path, Michalski continued to return to woodworking and craft when time permitted. After arriving back from India in 2014, Michalski – determined to pursue woodwork full-time, moved to Southern California and began to create his vision.

Michalski is drawn to the practicality of objects; each design a collaborative effort between form and function. He feels fortunate that his craft allows people to inhabit and enjoy the artefacts he makes every day.

Studio 348 –  Studio Hours: Second Saturday of the month, 5 pm – 9 pm and by appointment.

t: (561) 242-4642