High School Exhibition: Earth, Every Day

March 2, 2020,

March 21, 2020 May 17, 2020All Day -

Artists throughout the ages have explored themes related to the environment in their art. For centuries, the landscape's appearance in art was meant to construe awe for our natural world, or to serve as a backdrop for the documentation of human narratives. More recently, however, environmental works have become more ecological and politically motivated. In the 20th Century, alongside rising global concerns surrounding our impact on the environment's health, many artists began to create works drawing attention to ecological issues and our human contribution to them.

For this exhibition, high school students were invited to explore the environment in their work. Selected works explore a wide range of ecological topics, including air and water pollution, the use of renewable energy, and the effects of climate change. Juried by the Museum’s Education Department, this exhibition aligns with the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day - Wednesday, April 22, 2020. Earth Day’s focus is on action and advocacy, and many of the works exhibited here share this theme.

The Long Beach Museum of Art wishes to thank the Long Beach Unified School District, the student artists for their participation in this project, and the teachers who inspire their students to create.

Opening Reception: Sunday, March 22, 3 - 5 pm at Long beach Museum of Art




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