Shay Bredimus: The Seni Horoscope Re-Imagined

May 15, 2018,

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The Seni Horoscopes were a 17th century German fortune-telling card system. This astrological picture card deck was created by Giovanni Battista Seni—an Italian oracle who served Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein, a major figure in the Thirty Year’s War. The Seni Horoscope cards were used for divination, as well as a guide to spiritual pathways. In this body of work, Bredimus has re-imagined a version of those historic cards, a visual mixture of pictographs and portraits, with iconic and mystic symbolism. The artist has created 72 unique works that reference each individual card – not only to be viewed as artwork, but also to be seen as an interactive conduit to understanding man’s position in the universe. The museum installation includes 72 individual pictographs set in a cathedral ambiance. Bredimus , continues to draw with his signature tattoo ink on drafting film. A quiet female portrait emerges from a central mystic icon such as a ship, crown or nature symbol. Each piece is encased in a wood pediment fenestration, which complements the parallel visual conversation in the reading of the cards.

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