Long Beach Museum of Art Explores the Color Blue, Robert Rauschenberg in Concurrent Exhibits

February 6, 2014, In The News

The Long Beach Museum of Art has dug into its own collection for a pair of concurrent exhibits open now through March 23.

“The Many Moods of Blue” and “Rauschenberg: Cardbirds and Currents” are the first exhibits of the year for the Long Beach venue. The art displayed come from the museum’s collection and include works that range from abstract paintings to mixed-media pieces by renowned artist Robert Rauschenberg.

The moody blues — not the band but the actual color — is the topic of investigation in “The Many Moods of Blue,” which consists of mainly abstract pieces that share the same color scheme. While most images are open to interpretation, there are a few landscapes and seascapes depicted as well.

“Rauschenberg: Cardbirds and Currents” is made up of work by the late Rauschenberg. One portion of the exhibit consists of pieces from his “Surface Series from Currents,” a series of hand-printed silkscreens. The other part is from “Cardbirds,” another series from the artist made up of cardboard collage prints.

“Both exhibitions represent the diverse works of the museum’s permanent collection and we are pleased to share this with our patrons,” the museum’s Executive Director Ron Nelson said in a statement.

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