A Memoir of Water: Works by Young-Il Ahn

March 30, 2015,

Young-Il Ahn

February 19, 2015 April 12, 201511:00 am -

A Memoir of Water: Works by Young-Il Ahn features large-scale abstractions that examine the seemingly endless portrayals of the element. The extraordinary life of contemporary artist Young-Il Ahn is inextricably interwoven into the layers of his work. Due to the transformative experience of being lost at sea and his mastery of the medium, Young-Il Ahn skillfully and methodically paints portraits of the ocean in an array of colors and textures that has led him to develop his work into a profoundly contemporary aesthetic. Seemingly simple, his dexterity with paint must be seen to be appreciated. His practice is meticulous and encourages a meditative state during the creative process.

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