Barbara Strasen: Layer By Layer

October 9, 2015,

November 20, 2015 February 21, 20169:00 am - 5:00 pm

Barbara Strasen: Layer By Layer highlights the remarkable mixed-media works of San Pedro artist Barbara Strasen. The exhibition features 24 works plus two installations that engages viewers in multiple ways: her works appear to shift depending on the viewer’s point of view. She is interested in providing multiple points of view from great distance down to “nose-to-paper” closeness. The imagery ranges from natural history—birds, animals—to contemporary micro and macro images of vegetables, anatomy, fireworks and astronauts diving through space. Since her study of painting at the University of California, Berkeley, Strasen has had a long career of exhibitions as an international artist. The imagery she explores reveals the vast scope of her curiosity, interests, and enthusiasms. Decade by decade she has combined places and people, events and archeology, and the connections between nature and technology in colorful, layered, and intriguing contemporary collages and paintings. Rather than depend solely on traditional materials, Strasen utilizes both acrylic paint and inkjet prints with contemporary materials like Tyvek, Plexiglas, and lenticular lenses. Her mastery of layering painted imagery over lenticular prints presents mysterious combinations of the world. Strasen finds beauty and harmony in seemingly unrelated things and re-presents the world in images that display the interconnectedness of all things.

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