Catherine Opie - Twelve Miles to the Horizon

December 19, 2014,

October 5, 2012 March 24, 2013All Day -

This selection of photographs by Catherine Opie will be installed within sight of the Port of Long Beach that is pictured in the final image of this sublime series of photographs taken while Opie traversed the Pacific Ocean on a ten day voyage of a container ship from Busan, Korea to Long Beach, California. In the late nineties, Opie described her work as "always about my surroundings and the way I wander through the world." She photographed one sunset and one sunrise suspended at the horizon in the middle of each vertically oriented photograph. The twenty sunsets and sunrises communicate not only the vast "emptiness" of the ocean, but also the passage of time in the shifting changes of light, color, sea and sky. The exhibition is augmented by Opies' notes and drawings made during the trip.

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