Fragile Thoughts: Jane Brucker

May 29, 2018,

Fragile Thoughts: Jane Brucker

All Day
September 28, 2018 January 6, 2019

The exhibition, Fragile Thoughts, is a 25 year survey representing Jane Brucker’s exploration of personal and collective history, mortality and fragility. A hallmark of Brucker’s work is the combining of found objects and heirlooms with other materials – textiles, wood, glass, paper, text, and cast metals to create works with a resonant poetic spirit and a tactile sensibility. Objects and materials are transformed through Brucker’s attention to detail. Simultaneously, narrative passages from her own family invite the audience to relate to shared themes and stories. Generous grant support for the new Fragile Thoughts installation, a part of the Fragile Thoughts exhibition, is provided by the Pasadena Art Alliance. Additional in-kind support graciously provided by Judson Studios, Pasadena.

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