Opening Reception: Points of Intersection

July 21, 2022,

Opening Reception: Points of Intersection

August 5, 2022








Brimming to the rafters, Points of Intersection by Serbian-American artist Daniela Soberman references the architecture of her family’s first home in former Yugoslavia. Home in this context, is a place of impermanence; a temporary dwelling familiar only because of the people who share in its assemblage. Made of contoured interlocking panels that jut hard edges from the connecting axes, the site-specific installation bears a tremendous presence. Soberman has long been interested in the idea of façades; much of her work appears one way, but is inherently the opposite. This installation is no exception. Despite its monumental scale, the artist’s edifice is light as a feather. The scale, the fragility, and the nature of its construction determined by the hands who came together to build it, speak in equal parts to the constraints we place upon the ‘worlds’ we create. This cobbling together of disparate pieces, reveals an inextricable human spirit.

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