Preview: “Risque {Dirty Little Pictures}” at Long Beach Museum of Art

September 18, 2013, In The News

Curated by Nathan Spoor and Jeff McMillan, the new exhibition “Risque {Dirty Little Pictures}” at Long Beach Museum of Art invited a diverse group of 40 artists to have some fun with their naughty side and explore eroticism in their work.

While some on the roster, like Audrey Kawasaki, Peter Ferguson or Brendan Monroe, typically don’t paint sexually explicit imagery, others like Ron English, Dave Cooper and Natalia Fabia found themselves on familiar territory. The work in the show ranges from sensual subtlety to overt glorification of the male and female nether-regions. The diverse takes on the theme reflect a wide range of perspectives on sexuality. The exhibition will be on view September 20 through November 11. Take a look at our sneak peek of “Risque” below.

Voynovskaya, Nastia (2013, September 18). Preview: “Risque {Dirty Little Pictures}” at Long Beach Museum of Art. Retrieved from Hi Fructose

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